Roy 1200 Analog DIY Induction Heater

Roy 1200

George H. Royer cooked up with this little circuit back in '53, way before we had the awesome semiconductors of our modern day.  We took that basic design and made it solid-state and reliable.  This design is "open source", which means you can do what you like with it, make changes, etc. 

In the spirit of open-source we ask only that you keep your design improvements open as well.  We ALL benefit when we can share this kind of work!

Revision 2.26 is here!

The Board Files
Includes Induction heater schematic and circuit board layout.  Also includes Gerbers. 

Free version of EagleCAD

Commissioning Guide

Roy 1200 rev. 1.2 Manual
(OK, we're working on it...)

Project Page

Web Store Page  You can get it here, assembled and tested, for less than you probably think.  You can also buy the hard-to-find parts here.

Induction Heater Mailing List  The Roy 1200 is not supported actively by Fluxeon, but by our community.  This mailing list is an excellent place to look for answers and learn!