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Our collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q: What is the Roy?

A: Roy is an affordable low powered induction heater that is suitable for all sorts of heating jobs around the shop. Think of it as a torch but without the flame.

Q: How does it work?

A: It causes metal objects to get hot by causing electrical current to flow through the objects by transformer action. Roy does this by generating high power radio frequency current at from 60 to 100kHz. The work coil acts as the primary of a transformer and the work (object to be heated) is the secondary, which is short-circuited.

Q: What is the work coil?

A: It is the coil of wire that you place around or against the object to be heated.

Q: What kind of work coils are there?

A: The two basic types are helical (think: like a spring) and spiral. The helical coil heats objects that are placed inside it while the spiral coil heats things placed against it.

Q: Can I heat the walls of a hole? or a tube from the inside?

A: Yes, but not very well. A helical coil is used, the diameter of which is small enough to fit into the hole. Since most of the magnetic flux is inside the coil, not much is left for heating things on the outside. Still, Roy is capable of heating things such as bearing housings and so on, sometimes with the aid of our MatchBox.

Q: What is The MatchBox?

A: It is an accessory we sell that is used to help match the electrical characteristics of the work to what Roy expects. It is sometimes necessary with small work coils and odd shaped ones. Internally, it contains capacitors or a transformer and the plumbing necessary to water cool the work coil.

Q: Is water cooling necessary?

A: Usually not.

Q: Can I use Roy to heat something continuously?

A: No, not with the standard Roy. Roy is designed for MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) applications. In other words, jobs that would typically be found in a maintenance shop. Heating stuck pulleys and couplings. Heating steel prior to bending it. Heating shrink fit gears and other machinery. That kind of stuff. What all these tasks have in common is that Roy is used for a few seconds to a few minutes and then allowed to cool while other work is done. This is similar to how an ordinary electric welder is designed.

Fluxeon does offer a version of Roy capable of 100% duty cycle. Email inquiries to sales@fluxeon.com

Q: I have my Roy plugged into a wattmeter and it's only registering a few hundred watts instead of the 1500 watts you advertise. What's up?

A: This is normal and can have a couple of causes. Roy is not power factor corrected and so will not read accurately on a non-RMS responding meter.

The more likely cause is that the power you see is all your load will accept with the work coil you're using. Small work coils, in particular, will not draw full power from Roy. There is simply too much resistance in the 10 or 8 gauge wire used to make small coils. If you need more power to your work object, a MatchBox will usually help.

Q: Can I heat copper or aluminum?

A: Somewhat but not very well. Both metals are highly electrically conductive and so don't generate much heat when large currents flow through them. Roy can heat copper hot enough to soft solder small objects (but not braze) and can apply similar heat to to aluminum. The best results are achieved with The MatchBox.

Q: Can I melt metals?

A: Sometimes. Lead, tin, zinc, and other low melting point metals are no problem. We have melted small amounts of steel and aluminum using a highly insulated refractory crucible but we don't generally recommend Roy for those kinds of applications. It simply does not have the power output. We will shortly introduce a more powerful version that can easily melt metals but this unit will require 240 volts, will be larger and heavier than Roy 1500 and of course, more expensive.

Q: Can I melt precious metals?

A: No. Precious metals are electrically quite conductive and they have very high melting points. We have a product under development that can be used for precious metal melting but it isn't ready for market yet.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: See the user manual for details or look on the product pages here. In a nutshell, Roy is warranted for one year from the date of original purchase. Refurbished units are warranted for the longer of 90 days or your remaining original warranty. Accessories are warranted for 90 days. Consumables such as pre-formed work coils are not warranted.

Q: Do you use refurbished heaters for warranty adjustments?

A: Yes. We repair the defect in the heater, fully test it to make sure it meets new specifications and burn it in just like we do new heaters. In addition to a like-new heater, you will receive the latest firmware (internal operating software).

Q: Will I get a beat-up old unit in return for my warranty claim?

A: No. You will receive a unit that is cosmetically at least as good as your returned one. If your case shows lots of wear and tear then we'll probably replace the PCB (printed circuit board) and return your original unit to you.

Q: Can the output of Roy shock me?

A: No. The output is RF which cannot shock. It can, however, leave little pin-prick burns if you touch an energized exposed work coil. Not enough to be a hazard but it might startle you and cause you to jerk into something. For that reason we encourage you not to touch the work coil while it is energized.

Q: I have a special application. Do you do customization?

A: Yes. Contact sales@fluxeon.com with your inquiry. That email will be routed to both sales and engineering.

Q: I'm on a tight budget

A: Our engineering rates are extremely reasonable.

Q: Do you discount for educational and other similar institutions?

A: No. We've priced Roy to be as affordable as possible. The only discounts we offer is for quantity purchases. Contact sales@fluxeon.com to inquire about quantity purchases.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders or offer other terms?

A: No. Dealing with the hassles of extending credit and collecting accounts receivables only raises our costs and we'd have to pass those costs on to you in the form of higher prices. Just about everyone, including corporations, now has a credit or debit card. Checks (if you must) and credit/debit cards are what we accept.

Q: I'm making a quantity purchase. May I have terms?

A: No. You should be prepared to pay for your order before it is shipped. Our web store makes that very easy to do.

Q: Where did the name “Roy” come from?

A: The architecture of the circuit that generates the RF is called a Royer oscillator. We simply shortened that to “Roy”.

Q: I'd like to use a photo or some text from your website for my paper/website/project.

A: That is usually not a problem. We'll want to know the specifics to make sure that our products are represented in a positive way. There is no charge. Contact sales@fluxeon.com prior to using any of our IP.

Q: Is Roy open source?

A: No. We do offer an open source kit of a simplified version of Roy. Read about it here: http://www.neon-john.net/Induction/Roy/Roy.htm and


Q: We want to use Roy in a project that is confidential. Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A: Sure. We do that all the time.

Q: I have a special need that Roy won't fill. Can you design me a custom heater?

A: Yes. We will, of course, have to enter into a development contract with you. Generally there is an up-front charge to cover materials and then payments at benchmark intervals.

Q: Can you do rush jobs?

A: Generally no. We're pretty fast at what we do but we don't have the staff to “drop everything” to focus on one project.

Q: Even if it will lead to a very large OEM deal?

A: Let's talk :-)  sales@fluxeon.com.

Q: I'm using Roy in a critical application. I can't afford the downtime of conventional warranty service.

A: The best thing to do is to purchase a spare Roy and keep it on the shelf. If you don't want to do that, see our Critical Services Agreements on our website. We offer a variety of flexible plans to cover such situations.

Q: I have a problem that I'd like to discuss on the phone.

A: We highly discourage that in preference to email. Email allows us to have a record of what was said and allows us to respond asynchronously. We will talk on the phone if you insist but we'll push you back to email as quickly as possible.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?

A: If you have a support-type question with a heater that you own then email support@fluxeon.com.  Note that this is only for owned-product-related questions.  All other questions, including application questions should go to sales@fluxeon.com.  Sending non-owned-product questions to support@fluxeon.com will only delay matters.

Q: Is there a community-based support resource?

A: Yes.  Fluxeon has established a low traffic non-proprietary mailing list for induction heating.  Go here to subscribe.  Posts go to induction@lists.neon-john.com.  NOTE: You must be a subscriber to this list to post messages.  Messages from non-members are rejected.  This is a list that is open to everyone and not just Fluxeon customers.  A Fluxeon engineer monitors the list.  There are engineers from competitive companies on the list.  Fluxeon-specific questions should be addressed as aboved but general induction heating questions are best answered on this list.