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Induction Heaters

Our product offering is currently limited to the Annie series induction annealer.  We are working to expand our product line in the near future--stay tuned!

We offer customization and engineering services at only $60/hr. With Annie's expanded capacity, you might be surprised at what else she can do.


The Annie is our newest addition to the Fluxeon family. This is an induction heater exclusively for the reloading market. With 0.1 second precision, the Annie will anneal your brass cartridges in about 3 seconds. Perfectly. Every. single. time!


The Electra (formerly, 'Neon Roy') is a specialized induction heater for the processing of neon electrodes, or cold cathodes. It uses a novel flux concentrator that implements the coveted 'open coil' design. the ferrite material concentrates the flux between the gap--when the electrode is placed there, it completes the magnetic path and generates A LOT of heat!

No matter if the electrode is 12/30mA or 19/250mA, it takes only 5-10 seconds to complete the heating cycle. Now that's fast!

The Electra is no longer in production.  But fear not!  With a specialized pistol-grip wand, the Annie can do everything the Electra could--and much more.  Please inquire if you are interested: