Annie 2.0 Induction Heater


Introducing the Annie Induction Annealer!

This heater was specifically designed to anneal brass rifle cartridges in preparation for reloading. With over 1200W of induction heating capacity, most cartridges will anneal in about 2 seconds.


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Introducing the Annie 2.0 Induction Annealer!

This induction heater is our first general purpose heater, capable of brazing, annealing, soldering and heat treating–and much more! With over 3600W of induction heating capacity, the Annie 2.0 will make quick work of your heating tasks.

Annie 2.0 features Power Factor Correction, resulting in a 30% increase in efficiency.  There are several overload protections, giving you worry-free heating no matter the task.  and there is a pulse-width modulation power control scheme–just turn the power control knob for precise output regulation.

Powered by any wall voltage from 90 to 250VAC, Annie 2.0 gives you ultimate flexibility on the go.  For simple and small heating tasks, plug it in to a standard 120V outlet.  For maximum output, use 240V.

The integrated digital timer is precise to 0.1 seconds.  This is important because the the speed of the Annie anneal cycle is very fast, and tenths of a second can make a huge difference.  

We are now offering a choice between ‘Simple Single Segment’ and ‘Advanced Quartic’.  If all you plan to do is manually heat, select the Simple timer.  However, if you want to play with some automation schemes, the Advanced Quartic timer will give you four timing segments:

Segment 1: Delay only. Nothing happens for this duration.
Segment 2: pins 5 and 6 close, energizing the first 12V relay-out for this set duration.
Segment 3: Induction heat on time
Segment 4: pins 5 and 2 close, energizing a second 12V relay-out for this set duration
A 100ms 5V pulse will present to pin 1 (pin 4 ground). this timing segment cannot be changed. Most users will simply ignore this feature.

The relay outs are 12VDC, 1.5A rated. You can power a small linear solenoid to open a trap door, etc., or run a small gear motor, or as an intermediate means of activating a larger capacity external relay.

If you are not sure, you can order the Quartic timer, and just set the unused segments to .1 seconds.  Or, you can always upgrade the firmware from simple to quartic–the hardware is present on both versions.  You’ll find us easy to work with when it comes to service.



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current shipping queue is 6-8 weeks

Download the latest user manual HERE

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in
Timer Mode

Simple Single Segment, Advanced Quartic w/ Relay Outs


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