Water Recirculator/ Heat Exchanger

Water Recirculator/ Heat Exchanger


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The Water-Cooled Helical Coil is by far the most efficient coil option for the Annie.  But.... setting up for the water supply can be a real headache.  Not everyone has a faucet nearby, and not many are willing to go to the trouble of cobbling together their own pump and reservoir system.  There's nothing wrong with the Flux-Concentrator Litz Coil, but if you really have your heart set on the helical coil, here's your answer!

The Water Recirculator/ Heat Exchanger consists of a 120mm mini-radiator, and matching 38x120mm fan.  It's powered by a standard 12VDC wall adapter.  (New Annies will contain the necessary 2 apm auxiliary power supply, but legacy Annies will need to use a wall adapter.  The pump is 10,000 hour-rated, and so quiet you can barely hear it. 

Here's the cool part: the fan is temperature controlled.  at room temperature it will barely spin at all.  at 45C it will be running at full-speed.  The radiator has a very high capacity, so the fluid will rarely get above room tempearture + 5C.  The controller is pictured above, but you'll never see it because it's internal.

The water inlet and outlet accept the same 1/4" poly tubing that comes with the Water-Cooled Helical Coil, so there is nothing else you need to go out and buy in order to get up and running.



Water Recirculator/Heat Exchanger unit

12VDC wall adapter or cable for connection to the front panel DB-9 jack.

4oz of anti-corrosion additive concentrate

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